John Rogers Involved in Domestic Disturbance, Traffic Incident

John Rogers Involved in Domestic Disturbance, Traffic Incident
John Rogers

The first three days of October didn’t go well for John Rogers, sports memorabilia and photo archive fraudster.

The month began with high drama when Little Rock police responded to a wee-hours disturbance involving Rogers and a kitchen knife as well as allegations of aggravated assault plus third-degree battery.

Rogers, 44, wasn’t charged after being taken into custody because no injury resulted from his alleged knife wielding and alleged physical abuse of a former girlfriend, Amber Davis, 42.

However, the black-handled blade was collected as evidence, and the file was forwarded for prosecutorial review.

“I should kill you and then kill myself,” was a quote attributed to Rogers by Davis in her statement to the police.

She obtained a protective order against Rogers on Oct. 2, citing the previous day’s events as well as past alleged acts of domestic violence.

His alleged bad behavior included pulling Davis out of a car window, grabbing her arms and shaking her, defacing art, threatening to destroy her reputation and threatening to blackmail her.

According to Davis, she and Rogers lived together from March 2016 to September 2017.

During the first police visit to her apartment in the Capitol View-Stifft’s Station neighborhood on Oct. 1, Rogers alleged that Davis had been suicidal and threatening to kill herself. He also told police he had to physically restrain Davis and take a knife from her.

“Highly agitated and very hyper” is how the police described Rogers, who was outside of the apartment, locked out by Davis. Officers were unable to speak with Davis until they were called back a second time after Rogers left the property on the advice of the police.

That’s when officers heard her side of the kitchen knife story.

Unlike Davis, Rogers refused to give a statement to police after he was taken into custody and later released.

Both calls to police were made by Richard Wiebe, a longtime friend of Davis who was worried about her after receiving a hang-up call from her phone. Wiebe’s return call to Davis was answered by Rogers, who said “everything was fine.”

Wiebe, who told police he knew Rogers had a temper and that the couple had broken up, didn’t believe him and went to check on Davis. Wiebe made the first call to police after arriving and having a confrontation with Rogers.

Rogers, 6-foot-6 and weighing between 320 and 360 pounds, claimed he was assaulted by the 6-foot, 215-pound Wiebe. Police didn’t find evidence to support that.

Wiebe made the second call to police after hearing Davis recount her version of the kitchen knife story after Rogers left. The scene drew other witnesses, too.

A Few Blocks Away
On Oct. 3, Rogers was ticketed by Little Rock police for careless and prohibited driving when he rear-ended an SUV in the Hillcrest neighborhood.

No one was injured in the fender-bender, and Rogers wasn’t at the scene when police arrived. The cops phoned Rogers twice, but he didn’t respond to the calls.

According to the accident report, Rogers hit a 2010 Honda CR-V driven by Josh Kinder, who was at a stoplight at Kavanaugh Boulevard and Beechwood Street.

Rogers was driving a 2004 Chevrolet Avalanche registered to his father, Ron Rogers of Bentonville.

The road conditions were described as wet and the weather rainy at the time of the accident, listed at 10:30 a.m.

Rogers now has a valid driver’s license, which reflects an upgrade since his last motor vehicle encounter with the Little Rock po-po.

You might recall that Rogers was ticketed on March 29 last year for cruising the wrong way on Brown Street, a few blocks south of his October accident.

That traffic stop led to the discovery that Rogers was operating a motor vehicle with a suspended driver’s license.

And lest we forget, Rogers awaits sentencing in federal court on Nov. 20 for his felonious defrauding of investors, customers and banks through a variety of schemes that included false pretenses, misrepresentations and lies.

The federal case outlined a financial fraud tally of at least $10 million that Rogers accomplished through his Sports Card Plus and Rogers Photo Archive since November 2009.

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