Foreclosure Sale Falls Through in Walter Quinn Case

Foreclosure Sale Falls Through in Walter Quinn Case
Walter Quinn's Riverview Point home was headed toward a foreclosure auction in the wake of his diminished oil and gas wealth.

Did you know the foreclosure sale of Walter Quinn’s Little Rock home didn’t happen?

The auction, scheduled for Feb. 8 at the Pulaski County Courthouse, was called off at the 11th hour, and the financial dispute has gone quiet.

The foreclosure sale was canceled by Malvern National Bank, which holds a $1.3 million first mortgage claim on the 7,490-SF Riverview Point residence.

Next in line is Prosperity Bank of El Campo, Texas, which held a second mortgage on the property that has grown into a $6.2 million judgment.

That debt reflects the ballooning of a 2015 consent judgment of $4.9 million from Tulsa’s federal court.

You might recall that Prosperity started the foreclosure train rolling 18 months ago.

You also might recall that Quinn, through his RX Finance LCC, was suing Little Rock businessman John Lewis.

That November case was dismissed with prejudice recently.

Quinn was suing to collect $1.3 million allegedly owed on a loan to Rock Exploration, a Quinn-Lewis venture. According to the lawsuit, the debt represents money guaranteed by Lewis on the 2011 loan.