29 of 32 Cannabis Dispensaries Set; Ruling Favors Natural State Medicinals

by Kyle Massey  on Sunday, Feb. 3, 2019 1:09 pm   6 min read

(Update, Feb. 5, 2019: Since the original publication of this article, the state has finalized its process of officially awarding licenses in each of Arkansas' eight zones, causing changes in which companies operate in each zone. We have published the final list of licensed Arkansas medical marijuana dispensaries, by zone, and a list of medical marijuana cultivators, right here.)

The state has granted 29 of the 32 medical marijuana dispensary licenses, and the three remaining companies could meet their fee and bond requirements this week, said spokesman Scott Hardin of the Arkansas Department of Finance & Administration.

More: See below for a full list.

The DF&A oversees the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Division, which in turn handles enforcement issues in Arkansas’ long-awaited medical cannabis system, which was approved by voters in 2016. Dispensaries are expected to be open and offering cannabis products for the state’s growing ranks of cannabis-qualified patients as early as April.

In another matter, the ABC dismissed a complaint about a marijuana cultivator who was accused of inconsistencies in his license applications. That cultivator, Robert deBin of Natural State Medicinals Cultivation, sited in White Hall, did not mislead the state about residing in Arkansas, according to a ruling issued Friday by Doralee Chandler, director of the ABC division.

DeBin, who owns a 4.6 percent stake in the cultivator, was the subject of an Arkansas Democrat-Gazette article last week that focused on a related Canadian ownership stake and assertions that deBin may have been listed in various documents as a resident of both Arkansas and Colorado, where he also has marijuana ventures.

Chandler's ruling found that deBin and two partners, Joseph Courtright and Kathryne Peck, had submitted "superfluous documents" in the licensing process but concluded that deBin had proved his Arkansas residency. DeBin's documentation, the order of dismissal said, included Arkansas tax returns for 2016 and 2017.

"Based on the above and foregoing findings as well as filed pertinent documents, it is concluded that while Robert Wayne deBin III, Joseph Courtright and Kathryne Peck provided superfluous documents that did not meet the approved documents for the establishment of residency they did provide two forms of proof of residency in compliance with the medical marijuana rules and regulations," Chandler wrote in the order. "There is insufficient evidence that Robert deBin provided false or misleading information on his application with the Medical Marijuana Commission in Arkansas."

Meanwhile, through Hardin, the state released this list of the 29 licensed dispensary companies and those with licensing pending, as noted.

Zone 1

  • Acanza Health Group LLC. The company is owned by Randi Brazer with 39.81 percent, Jancey Hutcherson with 15 percent; Matthew Jansen with 0.19 percent; Joseph Jansen with 18.81 percent; Grady Harvell with 2 percent; Darlene Hampton with 3 percent; Janinne Riggs with 17.19 percent; and Richard Hutson with 4 percent. Matthew Jansen will be CEO, Joseph Jansen will be chief medical officer, Brazer will be COO, Kimberlin Meador will be CFO, and Emily Cohen will be chief regulatory officer. Acanza’s Zone 1 site is in Fayetteville.
  • Valentine Holdings LLC, dba Northwest Arkansas Medical Cannabis. It is owned by Lynn Parker, 32.3 percent; Donald L. Parker II, 1 percent; T. Michelle McKee, 32.3 percent; John McKee, 1 percent; Ray Osment, 33.3 percent. The Valentine site in Zone 1 is in Fayetteville.
  • Arkansas Medicinal Source Patient Center. It is owned by Jeff Starling, 28.5 percent; David Starling, 1.5 percent; Aaron Crawley, 12.5 percent; Mitchell Massey, 12.5 percent; Mike Tullis, 25 percent; Conor Filter, 5 percent; Robert McLarty, 5 percent; and Erik Danielson, 10 percent. Tullis will be CEO and Danielson general counsel. Other officers include Nicole Hart, COO; and Ashley Russell, CFO. The AMSPC site will be in Bentonville.
  • The Releaf Center. It is owned by Roger Song, 60 percent; Kevin Frazier, 20 percent; Matt Shansky, 10 percent; and Laura Frazier, 10 percent. The Releaf Center site will be in Bentonville.

Zone 2

  • Fiddler’s Green is owned by Lisa Murphy, 59 percent; Thomas Asewiez, 25 percent; Kent Thomas, 11 percent; James Booth, 2.5 percent; and Amanda Woods, 2.5 percent. Murphy and Thomas are listed as managing members, Asewiez as a member, and Booth and Woods as consultants. The dispensary site will be in Stone County.
  • Big Fish of North Central Arkansas is owned by Dr. Regina Thurmon, 55 percent; Joshua Landers, 25 percent; Marshall Wright, 19 percent, and Eddie Garcia, 1 percent. The site will be in Heber Springs.
  • Plant Family Therapeutics is owned by James Compton, 40 percent; Clint Mickle, 30 percent, Keith Schluterman, 5 percent; Adam Schluterman, 5 percent; Jeff McAnally, 5 percent; and Linda McAnally, 15 percent. Mickle will be CEO and Compton CFO of the dispensary, which will be in Mountain Home.
  • Arkansas Natural Products is owned by Louis Wig, 51 percent; Ezechiel Nehus, 24.5 percent; and Stephen Shrum, 24.5 percent. The dispensary will be in Clinton.

Zone 3

  • THC Rx Inc. is owned by Todd Sears, 100 percent. His dispensary site is in West Memphis.
  • Delta Cannabis Co. is owned by Doug Falls, 32.5 percent; Amy Fulkerson, 32.5 percent; Larry Johnson, 15 percent; Criss Lacewell, 10 percent; and Penelope Stanley, 10 percent. Their site is in West Memphis.
  • Comprehensive Care Group is owned by Dr. Garry Glasco, 50 percent; Donald Jay Marshall, 40 percent; and Valecia Ootsey-Walker, 10 percent. Their site is in West Memphis.
  • NEA Full Spectrum is owned by Gerald Scot Sale, president, 11.25 percent; Anthony P. Horner, secretary/treasurer, 11.25 percent; June Williams/Williams & Son Nursery, 22.5 percent; Teresa Gail Sale, 11.25 percent; Vicki Laree Benjamin, 11.25 percent; Jim Todd Watson, 11.25 percent; Elizabeth Ann Watson, 11.25 percent; and Joshua Ryan Egle, 10 percent. Their dispensary site is in Rector.  

Zone 4

  • JPS Management LLC, dba as Fort Cannabis Co., is owned by Sheri L. Neely, 51 percent; and Jeffrey Paul Scholtes, 49 percent. Both are listed as owner/members and as board members of JPS Management. The dispensary site will be in Fort Smith.
  • River Valley Dispensary is owned by Jennifer Paige Fisher, 51 percent; Richard Scott Pace, 40 percent; Rick Angel, 4 percent; Ron Smith, 4 percent; and Bryan Fisher, 1 percent. The dispensary will be in Yell County.
  • Johnson County Dispensary is owned by Lee Hatcher, 60 percent; Billy Tranum, 25 percent; and Ben Butler, 15 percent. The dispensary site is in unincorporated Johnson County.
  • 420RX is owned by Adam Harrison, 100 percent. His dispensary site is in Russellville.

Zone 5

  • Rock City Harvest LLC is owned by Elizabeth Barnett, 41 percent; Rebecca Nickerson, 20 percent; Mizan Rahman, 34 percent; and John Arthur Hunt, 5 percent. The dispensary will be in Conway.
  • Grassroots OpCo is owned by Lindsey Lovett Estes, 70.2 percent; Lesley Claire Darnal, 20.1 percent; Dr. Horace Greer, 0.05 percent; Steven Weisman, 4.075 percent; PCCW Investment LLC, owned by Mitchell Kahn and Matthew Darin, 4.075 percent; and GB Portfolio Investments LLC, owned by Marc Gordon and David Brown, 1.5 percent. Weisman is listed as CEO, Kahn as COO and Darin as CFO. The dispensary site is in Ward.
  • Natural State Wellness Dispensary is owned by Henry Wilkins V, 51 percent; Leo Hauser, 6 percent; Marvin Parks, 6 percent; David Dunn, 6 percent (Dunn died in October 2017); Melissa Moody, 6 percent; Dustin McDaniel, 6 percent; Bart Calhoun, 6 percent; Amy Haun Hall, 6 percent; Ladd Scribner, 6 percent; Warren Ross, 0.49 percent; and Steve White, 0.51 percent. The dispensary will be in Little Rock.
  • Natural Relief Dispensary is owned by Michael Faught, 65 percent; and Scott Snyder, 35 percent. Faught would be CEO and Snyder COO of the dispensary, which will be in Sherwood.

Zone 6

  • Doctors Orders RX is owned by Donald Sears, 100 percent. The dispensary site is in Hot Springs.
  • Green Springs Medical is owned by Dragan Vicentic, 60 percent; and Bruce Simpson, 40 percent. Vicentic is CEO and board chairman, Simpson is security manager and vice chairman, Keith Stafford is COO and Larry Stidman is CFO. The dispensary site is in Hot Springs.
  • Native Green Wellness Center is owned by Kattie Hansen, 48 percent; Walter Koon, 45 percent; Leslie Duncan, 5 percent; and Chris Olsen, 2 percent. The dispensary site is in Hensley (Saline County).
  • Natural State Medical Group LLC is owned by James Adametz, 15 percent; Zada Adametz, 15 percent; Mary C. Caroom, 30 percent; Julia Hart, 5 percent; Mel Collozo, 3 percent; Susan Melton, 2 percent; and Tammy Ives, 30 percent. James Adametz, Ives is vice president, and Caroom is secretary of the dispensary, sited in unincorporated Garland County.

Zone 7

  • PainFree RX is owned by Mary F. Sears. The dispensary site is in Pine Bluff.
  • Delta Cultivators is owned by John Mueller, 26.32 percent; Bart Christine, 19.65 percent; Ed Pat and Elizabeth Wright, 13.07 percent; Barry Lawrence, 13.07 percent; Gordon Cunningham, 7.63 percent; Lance Gray, 6.58 percent; Phillip Allen, 7.61 percent; Arnell Willis Sr., 3.29 percent; and Arnell Willis Jr., 3.28 percent. The site is in Helena.
  • Pine Bluff Agriceuticals is owned by Teresa Ann Wilkins, 51 percent; Michael Eugene Wilkins, 49 percent. The dispensary site is in Pine Bluff. (Licensing fee/bond due before Wednesday.)
  • Arkansas Patient Services Co. is owned by Adrian Ray, 51 percent; and Justin B. Pickens, 49 percent. The dispensary will be in Warren (Bradley County). (Licensing fee/bond due before Wednesday.)

Zone 8

  • Noah’s Ark LLC is owned by Katie Crimmins, 82 percent; and Marla Dorf, 18 percent. The site is in El Dorado.
  • Bloom Medicinals of AR LLC is owned by Sharon Vire, 60 percent; Steven Sandler, 20 percent; Nicole Van Rensburg, 10 percent; and William Hollander, 10 percent. Van Rensburg is CEO, Hollander is COO, Sandler is chief strategy officer and Vire is chief compliance officer. The dispensary site is in Texarkana.
  • RX MED is owned by Carol Moore, 35 percent; Jeff Hunter, 19 percent; Jan Hunter 19 percent; Nicholas Covington, 15 percent; Demaris Hart, 5 percent; George Mills, 5 percent; and Anders Peterson, 2 percent. The dispensary site is in Prescott.
  • Arkadelphia Dispensary LLC is owned by DeWayne Goldman, 51 percent; Percy Malone, 24.5 percent; and Mark McGrew, 24.5 percent. The dispensary site is in Arkadelphia. (Licensing fee/bond due before Wednesday.)



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