SupplyPike to Move to Fayetteville, Create 180 Jobs

SupplyPike to Move to Fayetteville, Create 180 Jobs

SupplyPike, a startup that offers a digital supply chain management platform for consumer packaged goods, is coming to Fayetteville and creating nearly 180 jobs within the next five years.

"SupplyPike is incredibly excited to be partnering with the Arkansas Economic Development Commission to create new jobs in Arkansas," President Greg Kessman said in a news release. "As the state's economy continues to grow, attracting and retaining top talent in the region starts with providing diverse and unique job opportunities. We're thrilled to assist in growing a rich tech community that highlights everything Arkansas has to offer."

The company previously served as the research and development wing of CaseStack, a private equity-backed, cloud-based logistics company in Fayetteville. CaseStack also has offices in Santa Monica, California.

"Transportation and logistics are a huge part of the state’s diverse economy," AEDC Executive Director Mike Preston said. "Tech jobs offer higher wages and more challenging work for a diverse group within our talented labor force. Marry the two together, and that's exactly the sort of enterprise AEDC is looking to support and help grow."

SupplyPike received the following incentives from the AEDC:

  • "Create Rebate," an annual cash rebate based on the number of jobs; 
  • up to $50,000 for training;
  • research and development credits (the amount will be determined based on their investments); and
  • equity tax investment credits (the amount will be determined based on their investments).

The startup's goal is to create new and innovative ways to solve problems in logistics and supply chain management.

The platform will provide visibility and control of the entire product journey, and the company expects to manage more than one million supply chain interactions this year. That would make it the largest platform in the industry, according to company officials.