Fort Smith Mansion on Market for $10.9M

Fort Smith Mansion on Market for $10.9M
This 18,367-SF home sits on 20 acres in Fort Smith. (Warnock Real Estate)

If you have $10.9 million and a hankering for luxurious digs and yearn to live in western Arkansas, check out the 18,000-SF house on Moody Road in Fort Smith.

In a breathtaking miscalculation, Zillow thought your Whispers staff might be interested in buying the property and brought it to our attention by email. We’re not positive that it’s the most expensive listing in the Natural State, but it’s surely up there.

Marshall Yantis of Warnock Real Estate in Fort Smith is working to attract interest in the property, owned by Kenny King, former owner of K-Mac Enterprises of Fort Smith, an operator of Taco Bell restaurants.

One selling point: A redwood tree shipped from California on a flatbed trailer to form the spine of an indoor treehouse for King’s grandchildren.

The Mediterranean-style home, which sits on 20 acres, features a 2,400-SF game room, a 2,400-SF pool house and an infinity pool, a home theater, Baccarat chandeliers and tons of marble (literally tons).

The Kings currently occupy the property, Yantis said, and plan to stay in the area. “He is a perfectionist, and if there is one little thing, a ding, or something doesn’t work in the house or on the grounds, he’s right on it to get it fixed,” Yantis said. “And he said, ‘The house is managing me sometimes now, and I don’t like that.’”

The house, built in 2005, has been on the market for almost four years, and Yantis has recently hired a digital marketing firm in Arizona to help him advertise the property on YouTube, Facebook and elsewhere in an effort to get it before the eyes of the truly deep-pocketed around the world.

“We had one California Realtor come through here and she said, ‘Gosh, if this was in Santa Monica, I could sell it for $45 million in a week, but it’s in Fort Smith, Arkansas,’” Yantis said. “There’s a buyer for it somewhere.”