ABC Properties Sell In $4.5M Deal (Real Deals)

ABC Properties Sell In $4.5M Deal (Real Deals)
(Parcel lines are approximate and drawn for illustration only.) (Google Earth)

The sale of four office buildings in Sherwood combined for a $4.5 million transaction.

ABC Real Estate LLC, led by Jim Bottin, sold three office buildings on the ABC Financial campus in Sherwood that included a 17,960-SF building at 8320 Hwy. 107, a 10,480-SF building at 8324 Hwy. 107 and a 5,532-SF building at 8406 Hwy. 107.

The deal also encompassed adjoining property: two parcels totaling 0.88 acre and a 2.25-acre residential parcel with a 2,241-SF house at 405 Lee Ave.

Rounding out the property sold is a 15,489-SF office building at 208 E. Kiehl Ave.

The buyers are Griffin Legacy A&A LLC, Griffin Legacy Kiehl LLC and Griffin Legacy Lee Avenue LLC, all led by Paul Schaller.

The deals are financed with three loans totaling more than $3.3 million from First Security Bank of Searcy.

The 1.82-acre East Kiehl development was bought for $1.2 million in May 2009 from John and Angelica Rogers.

The 3.14-acre 8320 and 8324 Hwy. 107 property was purchased for $550,000 in August 1984 from Arkansas Health World Inc., led by Rion Weiner.

The 0.35-acre 8406 Hwy. 107 property was acquired for $275,000 in August 2015 from S&H Parker Construction LLC, led by Harold Parker.

The residential property was bought for $186,000 in October 2008 from the estate of Madeline Philbrook.

A 0.71-acre parcel was purchased for $170,000 in May 2007 from Kennedy Air Conditioning & Plumbing Inc., led by James and Roseann Kennedy.

A 0.17-acre parcel was acquired for $125,000 in April 2012 from Steven Eubanks.

Port Land

The city of Little Rock and its Little Rock Port Authority affiliate added to the public holdings in the Little Rock Port Industrial Park area in deals totaling $2.16 million.

The biggest of the bunch was a $1.25 million purchase of a 40-acre tract near the northwest corner of Frazier Pike and Harper Road and a 13.64-acre parcel at 6200 Thibault Road.

The seller is the R.H. & S.L. Thomas Family Revocable Trust, led by Rickey and Sheri Thomas.

Other deals included:

► $378,000 for 120 acres west of the Amazon site off Zeuber Road from the estate of Samuel Raines, Barbara Lea Wilkinson Duty 2003 Living Trust; Jane Baugus Ltd., led by Susan Ramey; Fourche Island Inc., led by Mary Toney; and Twilla Harper.

► $170,000 for a 5-acre parcel and 2,026-SF house at 6320 Thibault Road from Stephen and Patricia Alison.

► $160,000 for 54.9 acres mostly on either side of Zeuber Road west of the Amazon site from Jane Baugus Ltd., Mary Toney, Fourche Island, Twilla Harper, the Barbara Lea Wilkinson Duty 2003 Living Trust and the estate of Samuel L. Raines.

► $95,000 for a 25.91-acre parcel on the west side of Zeuber Road from Spirit Adventures Inc., led by John Toney.

► $80,000 for a 42.36-acre mostly wetlands tract adjoining the south side of the Amazon project from Fourche Island.

► $30,000 for a 12.32-acre parcel on the west side of the Amazon project from Jane Baugus Ltd.

Whiskeypapa Purchase

A 31,506-SF office-warehouse and nearby land in east Little Rock tipped the scales at $1.76 million.

Whiskeypapa Ventures LLC, an affiliate of Little Rock’s Rockefeller family, acquired the former home of Ace Glass at 405 Shall Ave. and a 0.46-acre parcel. The seller is HK Value LLC, led by Bryan Hosto and Hank Kelley.

HK Value bought the 1.04-acre Ace Glass development and most of the land for $1.5 million in July 2017 from Petra Enterprises LLC, led by Newton and Linda Little; and the Linda A. Little Revocable Trust.

A 0.13-acre parcel was purchased for $20,000 six months ago from Union Pacific Railroad Co. of Omaha, Nebraska.

Hex Carbon Buy

A 3,960-SF one-time garage in downtown Little Rock rang up a $140,000 sale.

Hex Carbon Workshop LLC, led by Francis Webber, bought the 1101 W. Markham St. project.

The seller is Rushin Holdings LLC, led by the namesake trusts of Norma and Stanley Rushin.

The deal is funded with a 25-year loan of $400,000 from Stone Bank of Mountain View.

The 0.16-acre development was acquired for $24,000 in January 1968 from Max and Anita Harris.

Heights Home

A 5,800-SF home in the Heights area of Little Rock weighed in at $1.15 million.

Anthony and Rosanne Pignio purchased the house from Christopher and Julie Mehlin.

The deal is funded with a 30-year loan of $510,002 from Bank of Little Rock Mortgage Corp.

The residence was tied to an April 2020 mortgage of $823,996 held by First American Mortgage Solutions of Idaho Falls, Idaho.

The location was bought for $400,000 in September 2018 from the namesake revocable trust of Timothy and Barbara O’Brien.

Hallen Court

A 4,450-SF home in west Little Rock’s Hallen Court neighborhood sold for $834,000.

The Sherri Roussel Revocable Trust acquired the house from Rebecca Finney.

The deal is backed with a 27-year loan of $667,200 from Regions Bank of Birmingham, Alabama.

The residence was linked with a September 2019 mortgage of $592,000 held by Bank of Little Rock Mortgage.

The site was purchased for $122,000 14 months ago from PotlatchDeltic Real Estate LLC, an affiliate of PotlatchDeltic of Spokane, Washington.

Two Rivers Abode

A 3,213-SF home in the Two Rivers Park neighborhood on the western edge of Little Rock changed hands in a $626,800 deal.

Mohsin Virani bought the 10.1-acre spread from Wayne and Linda Woods. The deal is financed with a 15-year loan of $492,750 from First Financial Bank of El Dorado.

The residence was tied to an April 2016 mortgage of $485,400 held by Bear State Bank of Little Rock.

The Woods family acquired the property for $575,000 more than four years ago from the estate of Harry McDermott Jr.

Ensbury Place

A 4,228-SF home in west Little Rock’s Ensbury Place neighborhood drew a $585,000 transaction.

William and Eva Hoggard purchased the house from Lora Vaughn.

The deal is funded with a 30-year loan of $510,400 from Caliber Home Loans Inc. of Coppell, Texas.

The residence was linked with a February 2019 mortgage of $439,000 held by Simmons Bank of Pine Bluff.

The property was bought for $589,000 21 months ago from RQM LLC, led by Russell and Quenna Milam.

Cypress Pointe

A 4,585-SF home in Little Rock’s Cypress Pointe West neighborhood is under new ownership after a $532,580 deal.

Stephen and Whitney Eoff acquired the house from Richard and Sandra Morrison.

The deal is backed with a $562,400 loan from First Service Bank of Greenbrier.

The Morrisons purchased the residence for $510,000 in August 2007 from Billy Hartness Construction Co.

Pulaski Heights

A 3,433-SF home in Little Rock’s Pulaski Heights neighborhood rang up a $515,000 sale.

Rick Vance Jr. and Mollie Yoder bought the house from the Elaine H. Scott Revocable Trust.

The deal is financed with a one-year loan of $750,000 from Bank of Little Rock Mortgage.

The property was acquired for an undisclosed sum in May 1968 from William Cooper Jr. and his wife, Elizabeth.