Best Places to Work: Wright Lindsey Jennings

Best Places to Work: Wright Lindsey Jennings

The Wright Lindsey Jennings footprint extends far beyond the walls of the office, the boardroom and the courtroom.

The firm dedicates time, funds and leadership to numerous organizations with the express purpose of enhancing the quality of life of the greater community. Its alumni include business leaders, public servants, judges, a former U.S. senator and even a former U.S. president.

The legal industry creates a demanding, and often intense, deadline-driven environment. Nevertheless, the culture of the firm is encouraging, cooperative and friendly.

Mentorship and peer collaboration ensure an open environment where management is accessible and the firm as a whole and the needs of clients take precedence over individual career trajectory. As a result, professionals at every level grow and thrive, build stronger relationships and achieve continued success and positive results for clients.

Despite the professional demands of legal work, each individual is encouraged to participate in community activities, professional organizations and volunteer roles. The firm allows time for these efforts and supports these initiatives financially.

Wright Lindsey Jennings’ commitment to flexibility ties directly to its efforts to retain female attorneys and staff, who often bear a greater burden in balancing work and family. Offering this flexibility enables legal professionals to navigate the difficult stages of building a family and a career at the same time, with the hope that this will eventually close the gender gap at the top of the management structure.

In fact, in 2018, the firm announced its first female chief operating officer in its 118-year history, an example of the results garnered through a commitment to diversity initiatives firm-wide.

Finally, Wright Lindsey Jennings is dedicated to boosting employee morale and offers a range of thoughtful and generous perks, from complimentary parking for all employees — rare in downtown Little Rock — to a “free” day off during each employee’s birthday month to small gifts and tokens of appreciation for service.

In addition, the benefits packages provided to the firm’s staff are second to none.


Wright Lindsey Jennings closes the firm early on Fridays and before holidays to let employees get a head start on their time off.

In a continuing effort to promote diversity, Wright Lindsey Jennings established a diversity and inclusion task force/committee.

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